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  1. From PBS Frontline The Persuaders, a report on today’s world of marketing and advertising, includes online interviews with Naomi Klein, Clotaire Rapaille, and others. Here is my favorite clip from the report. I think it’s a very well put analogy and a funny break from an otherwise disheartening report on the state of things. Rapaille [curiously alike to ‘reptile’] subscribes to the triune brain theory of Paul D. MacLean, which describes three distinct brains: the cortex, limbic, and reptilian. The reptilian brain is the home of our intrinsic instincts, is programmed for survival and reproduction, and always wins. Repaille sees this as the basis of what a product means to the consumer on a fundamental, even unconscious level, an individual and ‘collective cultural unconscious’, that he says, “can be further defined as a pool of shared imprinting experiences that unconsciously pre-organize and influence the behavior of a culture”. Unfortunately, Repaille is too busy tapping into the subconscious his client’s profit market (apparently known as the ‘car shrink’ in Detroit) to be looking into these cultural tenancies for potentials to change them. It’s no surprise that Rapaille’s Wikipedia article warns of being ‘written like an advertisement’, and while the controversy section is kept to a minimum, referenced nonetheless is the termination of contract with the City of Quebec as a result of revelations that Rapaille’s client list and CV contained several falsehoods and exaggerations. Also noted is the apparent controversy caused when during his investigation he said that the city of Quebec has a masochistic side to it. I would tend to assume that most cities do, but that is another story.

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